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Uranos Sarikaya Restaurant

  Uranos Restaurant is located in Avanos district of Cappadocia. It serves traditonal Turkish food and local Cappadocian cuisine.

Avanos, bridgehead no: 88 of 350 people in the whole rock-hewn restaurant with a capacity SARIKAYA, Avanos akbel'de capacity of 320 people in the whole rock-hewn URANOS REST.

 Our policy is satisfaction of people first. Is 1 km away from the city center of Urgup, Avanos, restaurant 19 km, 20 km away from Nevşehir, Cappadocia, and tools, regardless of where each can be reached in 25 minutes.

 Air transport is by air, the Port of Tuzköy Kayseri airport 1 hour and 10 minutes for half an hour ulaşılabilinmekte, transportation problem is not experienced all summer and winter months.

Akbel Mevkii 50500 / Avanos
Cappadocia / Turkey











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